MAP Check 3 Pressure Oxygen Gas Analyzer

A flexible way to control your gas

Are you always getting the right blend of gas? Did you know that your bottom line becomes as invisible as the gas you are using if you supply the wrong gas mix to you processes?

Dansensor has designed the MAP Check 3 Pressure gas analyzer to ensure that you are always getting the right blend of gas.

The MAP Check 3 Pressure is a simple and efficient gas analyzer that measures pressurised gases directly from a gas mixer, buffer tank or any other pressurised source.

It is able to measure both oxygen and carbon dioxide and it can check your gas for oxygen impurities. Furthermore it measures the balance between the gases.

Last but not least the MAP Check 3 Pressure gas analyzer can be coupled to Dansensor’s MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer. MAP Check 3 works seamlessly with the MAP Mix Provectus to constantly monitor the composition of the gas mixture and prevents incorrect gas mixtures. This sophisticated feedback control ensures that the correct mixture is delivered at all times for ultimate efficiency, consistency and quality insurance, thereby reducing waste and increasing cost savings.


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