Head space analyser

Head space analyser measures the internal volume of the packages that is not occupied by the product;

Head space analyser plays a vital role in the quality control process of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries whose products are packed with modified atmosphere.

Head space analyser primary focus is on oxygen measurement but in many cases carbon di oxide measurement is also essential, if oxygen level exceed will tend to growth and proliferation of micro-organism.

Working of Head space analyser:

A thin needle is inserted in to the package and pump draws a small sample of precise volume of head space gas in to the analyser and the head space gas is contact with the sensor that will measure the concentration of o2 or co2 in the package.

For product in transparent foil container it’s possible to use an optical oxygen detector.

MAP product quality testing equipment:

In order to ensure the quality of MAP products Dansensor offer some testing equipment such as:


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