FS210 Clean-Fill & FS211 Clean-Fill ESL

The OMVE Clean-Fill creates a class 100 hygienic working environment, ensuring the protection for (non-hazardous) products. The continuous downflow and overpressure - created by the sterile air from the HEPA-filter - prevents inflow of contaminated air. Two types of systems are available.

  • System fully plug & play (max height 1.8m)
  • Adjustable front window for better accessibility
  • Drain connection
  • Stainless, detergent-resistant steel all round
  • Integration in cleaning loop
  • Integration in sterilisation loop (ESL only) to enables sterilisation of complete line
  • HEPA-filter for sterilised air to minimize contamination
  • Wheel-mounted frame
  • Wide working area
  • Extended systems available
  • Accepts many types of closing devices
Product code FS210 Clean-Fill , FS211 Clean-Fill ESL
Flow direction Down flow Down flow
Hepa-Filter H14 acc. to EN1822 H14 acc. to EN1822
Filling controlled by Manual 3-way valve Automatic foot pedal
Cleaning CIP CIP
Sterilisation - SIP
Noise level < 58 dB(A) < 58 dB(A)
Light intensity > 800 lux > 800 lux


Product lineSS316


Exterior: Width x Depth x Height 1290 x 900 x 1800mm
Work chamber: Width x Depth x Height 1190 x 600 x 600mm
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FS212 Asepto-Fill

There is a growing demand for cold aseptic filling(CAF) to extend the shelf life of liquid products, without making use of hot fill or using preservatives. A frequently occuring problem, especially on a small scale, is sampling, packaging and storage of products without the risk of contamination. The Asepto-Fill gives additional assurance to the Clean-fill series.

The OMVE Asepto-Fill lets sterile containers be brought into a completely sealed and sterilised filling chamber with a continuous overpressure created by sterile air. The containers are then filled with a controllable and sterilised filling point. The hygienic closing devices ensure safe and reproducible sealing of all the containers. The entire process is guided by the PLC.

  • Offers aseptic filling when linked to a compatible UHT processing system
  • Pressurised filling chamber to minimise risk of environmental contamination
  • Complete step-by-step instructions to ensure hygienic standards are maintained
  • User controlled operation with PLC supervision
  • Accepts a wide range of containers and sealing devices
  • Optional: filling at low oxygen level to reduce oxidation
  • Flow rates of 10 to 100l/hr allows combination with different heat treatment systems
  • Integrated automation and controls
  • No chemical sterilization of packaging required
Hepa-Filter H14 acc. to EN1822
Filling controlled by Automatic foot pedal
Cleaning CIP / SIP
Noise level < 58 dB(A)
Light intensity > 800 lux


Product line SS316
Housing SS304


Exterior: Width x Depth x Height 1700 x 1050 1750mm
Working chamber: Width x Depth x Height 900 x 500 x 600mm
Volume 2.5 m3
Weight 220 kg


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FS205 Flexi-Fill

This counter pressure system gives the maximum flexibility in filling different types of packaging at accurate, optional and low oxygen levels. The Flexi-Fill is available to integrate into 3 different sealers in one filling housing.

  • Compact design
  • Fully equipped on mobile frame and easy to install
  • Accepts cans, crown cork bottles and screw cap bottles
  • Wide range of packaging with different sizes and shapes
  • Option: vacuum packaging to prevent oxidation and for use in migration tests
  • Option: gas injection in container headspace to minimise oxidation
  • Also available with two filling stations
Max chamber pressure 3 bar(a)
Max vacuum in chamber 200 mbar(a)
Max hot fill temperature* 93 °C*
not based on container type


Product line SS316
Chamber Transparent Plastic
Housing SS304


With x Depth x Height 900 x 800 x 1800mm

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