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The BI-ON ETH is a battery powered Digital Portable instrument for measuring ethylene and is particularly suited to fruit and vegetable storage, ripening, curing applications, modified atmosphere packages and Controlled atmosphere Storage Application

Features of BI-ON ETH Digital Portable
  • 0-100 ppm Ethylene measurement in a portable handheld meter
  • elf contained battery operated instrument complete with built in sample pump.
  • Sample tube can be extended by up to 5 meters from the instrument
  • Accurate portable easy to use
  • Display has a resolution of 0.1 ppm
  • Long Battery life and low battery indication
  • LCD display
  • Rugged case Ethylene Analyser
Digital Portable Ethylene Monitor

The BI-ON ETH is a battery powered portable instrument for measuring ethylene and is particularly suited to fruit and vegetable storage, ripening and curing applications. The instrument uses an electrochemical detector that is sensitive to ethylene and the reading is displayed on a liquid crystal digital display. The display has a resolution of 0.1 ppm and with care indications of ethylene lower than 1 ppm can be obtained. An internal sampling pump provides a flowing sample and a sampling tube can be extended by up to 5 meters from the instrument. A front panel adjustment allows the zero to be set against ethylene free air. A screwdriver adjustment is available to calibrate the span against a standard gas with a certified ethylene concentration. Unlike some ethylene measuring instruments there is no interference of the reading from hydrogen and carbon dioxide but care is required to minimize the effects of Carbon Monoxide and Ethanol. Periodic calibration with a range of Ethylene concentrations is recommended.

General Specification of BI-ON ETH Digital Portable Ethylene analyzer
Range 0 – 100 ppm Ethylene
Resolution 0.1 ppm
Temperature range 0-35°C
Compensation +/- 5% reading over range 5 to 30°C
Response time T80: < 40 seconds
Pump flow Typically 0.8 l/min
Cell and cell battery life Minimum 12 months, typically 18-22 months

Note: cell and battery continually energised to maintain cell stability. The RED led illuminates when cell and battery are nearing the end of their life

Main battery type: MN1604 (PP3)
Life without pump >1000 operational hours
Life with pump > 20 Hrs
Symbol on LCD display when battery is towards the end of its life

Cross sensitivity:

The ethylene detector will respond to some other gases. This is shown as% sensitivity to the interfering gases. For example if there was 10 ppm of carbon monoxide present the instrument would read 4 ppm. The practical implication is that this Instrument cannot be used to measure Ethylene where fossil fuelled forklift trucks are operating. It will be appreciated that the lower the ethylene reading expected, the greater the proportional effect of the background gases.


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