CRA121 Continuous Aerator

The CRA121 Continuous Aerator is designed as a compact tabletop unit to aerate a wide range of products with small quantities for R&D purposes. The unit can be integrated with the HT320.

The cabinet houses the air injection system, frequency controllers and all necessary switchgear. The touchscreen is inserted into the front panel and allows adjustment of pump speed and mixing head speed and shows all relevant parameters. Gas dosing is controlled by a precision needle valve. The mixing head stator is jacketed to allow cooling or heating of the head.
The jacket is fully separated from the product chamber to ensure no cooling agent leaks into the product.

Examples of aerated products:

  • Fresh Cheese
  • Butter
  • Spreads
  • Yogurt
  • Dairy Cream
  • Low fat toppings
  • Dairy Mousse
  • Very compact design;
  • Industrial mixing head at lab size;
  • Very flexible in use;
  • Easy to clean!
Flowrates are between 10 -60l/hr.


All material that is in contact with the product is 316SS.


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CRA226 Lab Crystallisation & Ice Cream Maker

With the OMVE laboratory CRA226 Scraped Surface Systems you have a reliable and robust system that gives you maximum flexibility for a very broad range of products. The CRA226 service unit consists of a feed vessel, feed pump and a touch screen installed in a closed frame on wheels.

The systems are divided in three kind of systems:

RA226-BA One barrel (SSHE) and air-incorporation
For the production of ice with different over-runs
CRA226-BP One barrel (SSHE) and one pinworker
For the production of butter, margarine and spreads
CRA226-BPA One barrel (SSHE), one Pin worker and air-incorporation
A combination of the above

The compact scraped surface heat exchangers enable you to execute a trial with a minimum amount of product. This reduces the required amount of ingredients, preparation time, start-up time and processing time. Moreover, the systems allow you to conduct more trials in a day, improving your R&D productivity!


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